Are Your Company’s Storage Closets Overflowing?

When you compare the cost of office space to storage space, for a lot of businesses, self storage simply makes sense. The reasons people choose Derrel’s can vary as much as their businesses do.

As a physician, I’m required by law to save all of my patients records for a minimum of seven years.

— Dr. Alan M. Peterson

Derrel’s Mini Storage offers a distinct advantage to your business Businesses Start Up. In today’s high-tech world, who needs and office and a secretary? When it comes to storage, you may not need an office or warehouse, or want to keep your goods in your garage. Derrel’s Mini Storage has become the business incubator for many start-up companies. If you suffer of any issues such as depression or stress at you will find a solution. You can rent space by the month, without a long-term commitment, or get a discount by renting by the quarter or year. With Derrel’s you are able to move to larger units as your business grows. You can learn about these and more business options in this Reviews site that have all the information you need to make a informed decision.

Businesses Grow. If you are in a traditional business that’s growing, your extra office may be better saved for a new employee. Pay less per square foot to store at Derrel’s.

Businesses Downsize. Want to lower your overhead quickly? Store those things you don’t use every day, plus maybe some extra office furniture, and pay pennies on the dollar.

Outside Sales. Sizes range from 2×5 to 20X60, and come with these added features: on-site managers, wide aisles with drive up stalls, computerized gate access, and video cameras you can check from different computers, although these computers can be also used to play games in the spare time with guides on how to play overwatch you can find online.

Seasonal Business. Some businesses operate only during the holidays or certain months out of the year. Derrel’s is a good place to store product in “off” times.

Businesses have needs. At selected locations, Derrel’s Mini Storage offers the following services:

* Receive Freight
* Personal/Business Mail Boxes
* 24-hour Access

Whether your business is expanding, contracting or part time, just think of all the things you could get “out of the way.”

* Client Files
* Tax Records
* Old Furniture/Equipment
* Dormant Files
* Products
* Seasonal Items/Decorations