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7 Reasons to move to Modesto, CA

Admin | October 20, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Art Industry

From murals downtown to classic car cruising this city's culture has always been a mainstay of this mid sized city in North California. Downtown Modesto is home to annual events that display it's vibrant culture, the annual graffiti walk brings hundreds of classic car enthusiasts to gather across downtown Modesto and display the extraordinary craftsmanship of different era as well as the herculean effort needed to maintain vintage vehicles. Cars are not only for display though as shown through the cruising events prominent in the area. These events are attended by a wide range of ages and bring the local community closer over shared interests, among these is the love of automobiles as well as art. Modesto hosts the "Do Mo Walls" every October where local artists showcase their unique styles compared to their fellow Modesto residents. The event started as a competition between artists for the valuable real estate needed to paint such vast and detailed works of art, since 2018 the event has featured less competition and much.more collaboration between artists as well as community members in an effort to expand attendance so a wider range of residents can appreciate the craftsmanship on display across the 20+ murals that have resulted from the competition.

Live performances

The city of Modesto promotes artists of all disciplines including those who perform rather than create. Nowhere is this more evident than the exquisite venues made available to the city's substantial artistic population, built as recently as 2007 the Gallo Center of the Arts is a testament to the commitment city officials have to the arts in their city. Complete with two theaters combining for nearly 2,000 seats as well as an outdoor music spaces this state of the art facility accommodates ballet performances, puppeteering, dance recitals and plays of all kinds. The Mary Stuart Rogers theater is the larger of the two theaters and is perfect for musical performances due to its architecture, the audience chamber has been meticulously planned to offer an ample acoustic space within the hall, allowing for the desired reverberation time required for classical music (approximately 1.7-1.9 seconds at mid-frequency when the hall is occupied). To enhance adaptability, we have implemented a set of retractable draperies that can be employed to modify the hall's reverberation characteristics, reducing it to a "dry" state suitable for speech-only scenarios (around 1.4-1.5 seconds at mid-frequency). The smaller of the two theaters is the Foster Family theater, though it has less seats this elaborately built amphitheater is technologically on par with its more spacious counterpart and is perfect for dance recitals, spoken word presentations, theatrical plays, community events and smaller-scale presentations. The proscenium is 40’-0” wide by 24’-0” high and the stage is 34’-0” deep by 80’-10” wide. The narrow dimensions of the Foster Family Theater are favorable with regard to support of un-amplified voices, and the farthest seats being within 60 feet of the proscenium will enhance the sense of acoustical intimacy throughout the hall. A small orchestra shell and forestage reflectors are provided in this hall as well. The orchestra pit is sized for approximately 15 musicians but may be enlarged to accommodate 25 musicians.


Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the diverse offerings of Modesto. The city boasts not only an array of artistic talents but is also home to nearly 300,000 dedicated Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse workers. Modesto, along with its neighboring cities, stands as a formidable agricultural hub, producing a wide range of products, from almonds, tomatoes, and dairy products to poultry, cattle, and even eggs. The Stanislaus region itself contributes significantly to the economic landscape, annually generating over $3 billion in agricultural revenue, positioning it within the top 10 highest-grossing counties in the entire state of California.

Wine in Modesto

Though Modesto is not primarily known for its agricultural pursuits, it has garnered a reputation for another exceptional craft: wine. The E&J Gallo winery stands as a local institution in the community, providing employment opportunities for thousands of residents. Founded as a small winery in 1933, it experienced remarkable growth in its initial years, starting from a modest 178,000 gallons in its first year to a staggering 440,000 gallons in the following year. In addition to these achievements, the company also expanded its influence by acquiring agricultural companies. Early on, E&J Gallo made Modesto its home and has remained an integral part of the city ever since. Evolving into a self-sustaining enterprise, the company even established its own glass plant shortly after its inception and gained recognition as the largest wine manufacturer as early as 1966.

Outdoor Attractions

Modesto's reputation as an agricultural powerhouse is complemented by its natural attractions. This splendid city offers as many outdoor wonders as it does man-made ones. One such gem is the expansive 500-acre Tuolumne River Park, a picturesque oasis that encompasses five distinct park areas along the Tuolumne River. Here, a rich diversity of wildlife thrives, from numerous tree species to a variety of animals such as squirrels, opossums, coyotes, and majestic egrets.

Historical Locations

Modesto's history is as rich and expansive as its agricultural productivity. The city's origins date back to the 1860s when Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker established a railroad to connect the San Joaquin Valley. Initially confined to a one-square-mile area, Modesto has since blossomed into the 19th most populous city in the state of California. The profound impact of Modesto's storied past resonates deeply with its modern-day identity. A prime illustration of this historical legacy is the iconic Modesto arch, celebrated in photographs, movies, and even music.

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