Why Choose Us

Why Choose Derrel's 


Since 1963, Derrel’s Mini Storage has provided self-storage to the Central Valley.  From Sacramento to Bakersfield and even on the Central Coast, Derrel’s Mini Storage provides the largest storage facilities in the nation.  Today, there are over 60 locations, and we continue to grow!  We value our customers and take great pride in our reputation as the premier self-storage company in the communities we serve.  With beautifully landscaped grounds and clean facilities, it is a priority for us to be good neighbors.  Our focus is on providing a quality product and excellent customer service, and we know our employees are the backbone of our company.



Derrel J. and Josephine Ridenour had a family-run stair and ornamental iron business.  In the early 1960's, they were asked to relocate to make way for a new freeway.  The freeway, several years from completion, left their property at the northeast corner of Herndon and Villa vacant.  To keep the property active, they decided to build fences and rent the space as contractor yards and storage for recreational vehicles.  In 1963, using their knowledge of the ornamental iron business, they designed and built their first enclosed self-storage units constructed of wrought iron and sheet metal.  They found that homeowners who were in the process of moving rented the space.   As they continued to build, units continued to fill.  Their son Derrel A. became a partner in the family business in 1970, and soon after they expanded to a second location on Golden State Boulevard and Shaw in northwest Fresno.

In 1982, the company shifted its full focus to building self-storage facilities.  Derrel’s develops all their properties, from site selection to building the units.  Over the years Derrel’s construction has changed.  The goal: to build attractive self-storage facilities with architectural and visual appeal, which include water features and beautifully landscaped grounds; to select sites that will be convenient for those in the growing community. 



So why choose Derrel’s? Ask anyone in the greater Fresno area if they’re “Short on Space?” and they’re most likely to answer “Try Derrel’s Place!” Why? Because the Derrel’s name has become synonymous with self- storage. And not just any kind of self storage, but high quality facilities run by friendly, professional people. So how does a company like Derrel’s grow into the largest of its kind? Our philosophy, which was established all those years ago, remains the same: to be a good neighbor.