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10 Tips for Optimizing Your Self-Storage Unit

The Derrel's Team | June 3, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

At Derrel's Mini Storage we are committed, to assisting you in maximizing your storage space. Here we will provide you with 10 expert tips on how to optimize the area in your self storage unit. These tips will not help you save time and money but also keep your belongings organized and readily available.


1. Clear Out Unnecessary Items Before Storing

Prior to packing your belongings into boxes take a moment to declutter by donating or discarding items you no longer require. This practice will help free up space and ensure that only essential items are stored.


2. Choose Consistent Box Sizes

Opt for boxes of sizes for stacking and organizing. This approach enables you to utilize space effectively and establish an organized storage arrangement.


3. Label Everything Clearly

Labeling your boxes and containers is beneficial for identification of items later on. Include a description of the contents on each label for reference.


4. Utilize Vertical Space Efficiently

Maximize the use of space by stacking boxes or investing in shelving units and stackable storage bins. This method allows you to utilize the height of your storage unit efficiently while maintaining access, to items.


5. Break Down Objects

If you can take apart furniture pieces like tables and bed frames to save space. Keep the disassembled parts together. Label them appropriately for easy later.


6. Opt for Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum sealedstorage bags work well for compacting items such as bedding, clothes and seasonal fabrics. They help reduce the space these items occupy and offer protection against moisture and pests.


7. Establish Pathways

Leave pathways between stacks of boxes and furniture to ensure access to items stored at the back of your unit. This will eliminate the need to rearrange everything each time you want to retrieve something.


8. Arrange Items Strategically

Keep used items near the front of your storage unit and place infrequently used items towards the back. This will save you time and energy when searching for belongings.


9. Safeguard Delicate Items

Wrap items in bubble wrap packing paper and sturdy boxes before storing them. Ensure that fragile items are placed on top of durable objects to prevent damage from crushing.


10. Make Use of Upper Storage Space

Remember to utilize the area, above your head!  Consider setting up shelves or racks for storing items such, as decorations or camping equipment to create more room on the floor.


These 10 suggestions aim to assist you in optimizing the space within your self storage unit and maintaining a organized and accessible storage area. With over 60 facilities across California, Derrel’s Mini Storage is committed to guiding you through your storage experience. Keep an eye on our blog, for storage recommendations and insights!

The Derrel's Team
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