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5 Best Neighborhoods in Tulare, CA

Jon Fesmire | September 13, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Tulare is a quiet, agricultural city of 64,500 residents in Tulare County, California. It’s a small area, just 21.02 square miles, so the farthest you’ll ever be from downtown is about 10 minutes by car.

In Tulare, the median family income is $58,000, and home prices are comparatively affordable. Tulare is far enough away from the hubbub of Los Angeles and the cool bay breezes of San Francisco, which brings home prices way down, but there’s still plenty of shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and more. Tulare has several unique places to visit, including AgVentures, an agricultural children’s museum, and the Tulare Historical Museum.

Plus, if you like camping, hiking, and exploring nature, Tulare is an hour from Sequoia National Park and two hours from Yosemite.

Keep in mind that Tulare has a crime index of 17, meaning it’s safer than 17% of US cities. That’s not great, because it means Tulare is less safe than 83% of US cities. The good news is there are some excellent and safe neighborhoods in Tulare, and those are the ones we’re recommending.

We’ve divided sections of the city up into neighborhoods based on prosperity and low crime.


Bender Park

The neighborhood containing Bender Park is bordered in the north and south by W Prosperity Ave. and W Cross St., and in the west and east by N. Enterprise St. and N. West St., and is six minutes from downtown.

The median home value in this region is about $226,000. Most of the two to three-bedroom houses have backyards and a variety of trees line the streets.

Nearby schools include Pleasant Elementary School, Cherry Avenue Middle School, and Tulare Western High School, so whatever grades your children are in, there’s a school for them.


Blain Park

While the homes in the Bender Park area are lovely, those near Blain Park feel just a touch bigger and classier, which is reflected in the median home price of $340,000. This area is bordered on the north and south by W Cartmill Avenue and S Prosperity Avenue, and on the west and east by N Oaks St and E Golden State Highway. In fact, we should note that this highway runs through Tulare, connecting it with the rest of the county.

Nearby schools include Wilson School, Heritage Elementary School, Live Oak Middle School, Cherry Avenue Middle School, and Sierra Vista High School.


North of Mission Valley Elementary School

There’s a nice neighborhood just north of Mission Valley Elementary School, bordered on the west and east by N Hillman St and Mooney Blvd, on the north by E Cartmill Ave., and the south by three streets, Corvina Ave., De La Vina St, and Bella Oaks Dr.

Anyone would be proud to live in one of the beautiful one or two-story homes here. The median home price is $350,000.

Nearby schools include Mission Valley Elementary School, Live Oak Middle School, Cherry Avenue Middle School, and Sierra Vista High School.


Alpine Vista School

The neighborhood in the vicinity of Alpina Vista School has a comfortable charm. It’s bordered to the north and south by E Tulare Avenue and E Bardsley Avenue, and to the west and east by S Laspina St. and S Oakmore St.

The streets have a similar feel to many California suburbs and towns with pretty, one-story homes and a lot of shady trees. The median home price here is about $365,000.

Nearby schools include Alpine Vista School, Frank Kohn Elementary School, Los Tules Middle School, and Sierra Vista High School.


Cypress Park

Cypress Park sits just south of the neighborhood we just covered. It’s bordered to the west and east by Golden State Highway and S. Mooney Blvd, to the north by E Bardsley Ave., and to the south by E Page Ave. and E Foster Dr.

You’ll find lots of attractive two-story houses with garages, fairly close together, with big front yards along the streets. Pines, palms, and other trees line the roads, and the median home price is $250,000.

Local schools include Cypress School, Mission Valley Elementary School, Live Oak Middle School, Sierra Vista High School, and Mission Oak High School.

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Jon Fesmire
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