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Bakersfield's Getting Better!

Admin | May 21, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Park Ranger Stewardship Program

The city of Bakersfield's commitment to public service is evident through its resident helping initiatives. City officials proposed the Park Ranger Stewardship Program in 2022 as a response to diminishing numbers of park rangers and rising vandalism around the city's parks, The residents of Bakersfield saw a decrease in usage of trails, parks, and city infrastructure, while increases in crime contributed to the lower number of park visitors, it is not the only issue taking place. Families do not visit parks due to the unsafe feeling that permeates the environment, from rampant graffiti and drug use to the decaying play structures, parks in Bakersfield do not provide the safe space to decompress that other parks in safer cities do. In response, the city of Bakersfield sought to reinforce its parks, trails, and public property with security including park rangers as well as private security. The extra protection will serve to prevent homeless encampments, crime, and damage to parks. The city hopes that through these initiatives it can bring families back to once publically available areas like trails. Bringing families to public areas raises the profile of Bakersfield among similarly sized cities. The cultural arms race between these cities started after the recovery from the housing crash in the mid-2000s, with families moving to big cities, those same cities sought to build up infrastructure like stadiums, theaters, parks, and trails. Infrastructure like this is used to draw new residents in order to boost the economy. Bakersfield has fallen behind in this race but like the turtle; they are slow and steadily moving toward the future.

Downtown Improvement Grants

Much of the progress Bakersfield is experiencing has to do with city officials shifting funds toward more modern projects. the sudden increase in population spurred the transition toward a more diversified economy. one focused on developing the culture of the surrounding area. Real estate like restaurants, theaters, and clubs add income sources and bring new city residents. With new residents comes an influx of new industries and funds from the most recent community members. Changes such as these move cities forward financially and culturally, through the efforts of Bakersfield's leaders Bakersfield is well on it's way to compete with cities of similar sizes around the country. Compared to cities like Portland, and New Orleans, Bakersfield is a little brother, a city that is the same on paper but has less infrastructure, housing and a lower standard of living compared to their bigger counterparts. As the city continues to grow, these differences will shrink while remaining a central hub for the surrounding farming communities. Unlike the aforementioned cities, Bakersfield lies in a historic community, one that dates back to the gold rush.

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