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Local Innovation May Help Homeless Population

Admin | June 25, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Self Storage Being Used To Help Homelessness

Living in California can be a dream-like those depicted in movies or a nightmare for others. Over the last decade, the median price of homes in the Sunshine State has nearly doubled. According to the Missouri Research and Information Center, factors like the second-highest cost of living in the country add fuel to an already blazing fire that has become US housing.1 One Stockton veteran has taken it upon himself to do something about the city’s decreasing homes and increasing prices. Doug Kordt, an Airforce Veteran, was recently recognized for his ingenious designs by CBS News,  Throughout the story, Kordt’s ability to turn repurposed storage units into functional, clean, and modern-looking homes was highlighted. The Air Force Veterans aim is to provide a better reintegration than was given to him, often returning veterans are faced with challenges the ordinary person does not have to handle. Nearly 150,000 veterans were homeless in 2009, according to the Congressional Research Service study on veterans and homelessness by Libby Perl; those numbers have steadily fallen due to initiatives that paved the way for role models like Kordt.

The Broader Impact

Kordt's work reminds us that as the need for affordable, sustainable housing solutions becomes increasingly urgent innovations like his storage unit homes can make strides in solving the homeless question. His work represents a beacon of hope and a model for how innovative solutions can address otherwise ignored societal issues. The decline in veteran homelessness around the mid-2010s can be attributed to Kordt’s role models, whose commitment to creating positive change serves as an inspiration to others. can lead to a cycle of poverty, mental health issues, and social disintegration. As we look to the future, it is clear that creativity, compassion, and community action will be key in transforming the housing landscape of California. Recent events such as recent inflation and the pandemic show a clear increase, but some have argued that extenuating circumstances have skewed recent numbers and do not indicate a trend but rather a spike in an otherwise declining population.

Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

Repeated challenges have slowed the progress made by legislators and volunteers alike. Through the use of repurposed materials, the cost often associated with homeless aid becomes a moot point, innovations like those of Kordt provide a low-cost option that would recycle and effectively house a large population. Greed is also a factor when coming up with solutions to this seemingly unsolvable problem, there have been critics who point to the limited number of low-income housing options in new developments. One example of this happens through housing grants and legislative action, developers build the bare minimum low-income/section 8 units, then overprice the rest of the complex to make up the difference. The human challenges presented when assisting the homeless problem do not deter the work or innovation of volunteers. Just this year, Kordt helped over 20 veterans with his storage unit home initiative, the "program" developed by Kordt focuses on reintegrating veterans by moving former homeless veterans to small homes where they build skills and learn to live in a house again rather than living in a tent. City officials have taken an interest in Kordt's innovations, and hope to scale the project further. Self storage serves to both help treat as well as prevent homelessness, low income families who cannot afford the rising rent costs can store their belongings at a self storage facility while getting back on their feet.

How Does Self Storage Fit Into All Of This?

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