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How to Store a Boat in Modesto, CA

Jon Fesmire | November 9, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you live in, or near, Modesto and have a boat, chances are you’re taking it out to the lake on the weekends. 

It might also mean that you need a place to store your boat. You might want more space in your driveway or just aren’t allowed to do that in the first place. After all, most neighborhoods don’t allow large vehicles, like boats and RVs, to be parked on the street where they take up valuable driving space. 

If this sounds like you, then we have you covered at Derrel’s Mini Storage

Before you store a boat, however, it’s important to know how to do it right.


Clean Your Boat

The first step is to clean the boat well. When you retrieve your boat, you’ll want it to be in good shape, and storing a boat without first cleaning it will leave you with a stinky mess, one that may have attracted pests.

For the interior, vacuum the carpets, the furniture, and between the cushions. Polish the wooden parts, and varnish the metal parts. Remove anything that contains food because this can attract rodents and bugs.

For the exterior, a good power wash goes a long way to getting it clean. Remove barnacles with a putty knife, and purchase some hull cleaner. You can apply this to problem areas with a sponge. Leave it on for several minutes, then scrub it off and wash it clean with water. We also recommend waxing the exterior of the boat.


Prepare Your Engine

Your boat will have an outboard motor, an inboard-outboard motor, or a fully inboard motor. Here are the basics for preparing each for storage. Since these are just the basics, we encourage you to read your manual for further information.

  • Outboard Motor

Flush the engine with fresh water and let it drain. Next, fill it with fuel and a fuel stabilizer, which will keep the fuel fresh for months. Use fogging oil on the moving parts to keep them lubricated.

  • Inboard-Outboard Motor

Drain the top gear case and flush out the engine’s outer portion. Top off the fluids and grease the moving parts.

  • Fully Inboard Motor

Warm up the motor and flush the engine and pump in antifreeze. Remove the spark plugs. Top off fluids, change the transmission fluid, and use fogging oil on moving parts.


Check the Electrical Systems

Just as you’ll want to return to a clean boat, you’ll want to return to one with all its systems working. So, check the electrical systems next.

These include the radio, trim adjustments, and kitchen appliances. If something isn’t working, you’ll have time to get it fixed either before you put it in storage or even while it’s in storage.


Check the Battery

Obviously, you want your boat’s battery working when you retrieve it. So, before putting it in storage, check its charge level. You can do this either with the battery gauge on the boat or with a battery charger.

If the battery is low, remove it and charge it. Once it’s at full charge, store it inside the boat, but don’t connect it back up. That way, it should retain its charge for many months.


Cover the Boat

We have outdoor spaces for boats, cars, and RVs kept secure behind gates at several of our properties. We also have x-large units, which range from 10x30 to 20x40. Some of the parking spaces are outdoors and some are indoors. 

Regardless of whatever space you rent, we encourage you to use your boat cover to protect your vehicle. Outside, this will keep it safe from the sun, wind, and rain. Indoors, it will protect the boat from dust. If you don’t have a cover, purchase one that fits your boat.

Storing at Derrel’s is safe and convenient. You can pick up your boat before you head off on a camping trip and bring it back when you return. If you have questions, call us or contact us online. 

Jon Fesmire
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