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Top 5 Best Neighborhoods in Fresno, CA

Jon Fesmire | March 17, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Do you want to live in California but find the cost of living daunting? That’s understandable. There are some beautiful places in The Golden State with high rental and home prices.

Once nice place to live, where residents are three and a half hours from Los Angeles, three hours from San Francisco, and two hours and forty minutes from Sacramento, is the city of Fresno. It’s also much cheaper than many parts of the state and only an hour and twenty minutes from beautiful Yosemite. If you’d love to go camping and hiking in one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S. every month or so, this is a great home base.

Keep in mind that Fresno is inland, so the weather here is warmer than along the coast. In the winter, daytime temperatures reach about 60 degrees, dropping as low as 40 at night. During the summer, daytime temperatures can get up into the high 90s and down to 65 at night. You’ll want that air conditioning installed in your home.

There are a lot of fun things to do in this city of 537,000 residents. On a day off, you can visit the Fresno Art Museum, Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Forestiere Underground Gardens, of Legion of Valor Museum, for example.

Here are five excellent neighborhoods where you may want to put down roots.


North Growth Area

The North Growth Area neighborhood is full of modern one and two-story homes, as well as a few large estates. Palm trees line many of the streets and most homes have not only lawns, but hedges, trees, and flower gardens. Some of the homes have swimming pools. There are some grassy, tree-filled areas with pathways between the streets if you want to go for a walk right in your neighborhood. You’ll also find farms here and areas under development.

In the middle of the area is Copper River Country Club where members can play golf. Next door is Copper River Tennis Centre with more than a dozen tennis courts. You’ll also find Copper River Park which has a basketball court, gazebos, trees, and lots of greenery.

The population in this neighborhood is 2,300. The median home value is $392,800, while the median household income is $89,000. Crime is 37% lower than in most parts of the US.



This is a large suburban area in the northeast part of Fresno and home to 100,730 people. Nearly half the population has kids, so, of course, there are several schools in the area including Bullard Talent K-8 Elementary, Forkner Elementary, and Bullard High School.

Bullard has lots of one-story homes, not too tightly packed, as well as apartment complexes, on tree-lined, shady streets. There are plenty of places to shop, including Bullard Plaza Shopping Mall. You’ll never be too far from shopping or restaurants.

The median household income here is $63,516, while the median home value is $243,068. Alas, crime is 30% higher than in the U.S. at large, so keep your home and car locked and stay safe.


Southeast Growth Area

This is a nice area with a crime rate lower than 8% of the rest of the country, a solid median family income of $69,536, and an affordable median home value of $292,050.

Much of this neighborhood consists of farmland. The 6,677 who live here in the suburban sections live mostly in one-story, ranch-style homes, many of which have swimming pools, a real boon in this hot city.

Southeast Growth Area is also the home of the Belmont Country Club where locals play golf, go on walks, and enjoy breakfast. Companies often throw events here as well.



Roosevelt is another large suburban section of Fresno with a population of 128,345. Parents will be happy to know that there are lots of schools here, including Sunnyside High School, Yosemite Middle School, Rowell Elementary School, and Hildago Elementary School. Soccer seems to be popular here if the parks are any indication. There are several soccer fields in the area, including a few at Pilibos Soccer Park.

You’ll find some farmland in the neighborhood and yet another club, Sunnyside Country Club. You can golf here, and the club sometimes throws events welcoming members and non-members.

The median home value is $119,753 while the median household income is $34,276. Crime is 29% higher than the U.S. average, so this isn’t the sort of place where you want to leave your car or home unlocked, and you may want to consider getting a home security system.



Need to take a flight somewhere else in the country? Then you’ll be interested in knowing that Fresno Yosemite International Airport is right in this neighborhood. Sure, you’ll get the sounds of airplanes taking off or landing, but that’s not so bad, and it makes for a fun sight. And yes, there’s another club in the area, Airways Golf Club, so if golf is your thing, you don’t have to go far.

Schools in this area of 56,716 residents include Norsemen Elementary School and McLane High School.

This area has plenty of businesses, restaurants, and shopping centers, and many of the homes have swimming pools.

Homes are very affordable, with the median home value at $125,893. The median household income here is lower than other parts of Fresno at $37,406, and crime is 56% higher than the U.S. at large, so stay safe.

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Jon Fesmire
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