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Top 5 Best Neighborhoods in Modesto, CA

Jon Fesmire | May 17, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Modesto is a warm California city with quiet suburban neighborhoods, filled with parks and tall trees, and a busy downtown where you’ll find a variety of entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. 

Farms surround this agricultural city of 215,000 residents, which is best known for producing walnuts, almonds, and other produce. 

Yosemite National Park is practically in your backyard if you live here. If you ever want to get away into an amazing natural environment, go hiking, take photos, and make s’mores over a campfire, you can’t beat this gorgeous park.

Derrel’s Mini Storage has three facilities in Modesto, so we’re fond of this area. Here are five of the nicest Modesto neighborhoods to settle down in.



This small neighborhood of 980 people is one of the most pleasant in the area. You’ll find spacious homes with big lawns. A variety of trees line the streets. Nearby places to enjoy the outdoors include Sylvan Park, which has a playground and plenty of shady trees and grassy areas, and Beyer Park, with its tennis courts, baseball fields, a skate park, and plenty of greenery and walking paths.

Nearby public schools include Sylvan Elementary School, Somerset Middle School, and Fred C. Beyer High School, and many more.

The median home value here is $296,500 and the median income is $53,000, so it’s quite affordable. Plus, it’s just 11 minutes from downtown and everything that area offers.


East Modesto

The population of East Modesto, at 81,050 is significantly larger than Coffee-Sylvan, but don’t ignore this area because it feels less exclusive. The median income is $57,700, and the median home value is $268,000. It’s full of lovely one and two-story homes and includes Orchard Park. This area has swings, a baseball diamond, and lots of room to walk and run around. There’s also Ellison Park, with a playground and baseball diamond of its own.

In the area you’ll find restaurants like Chefs of New York, Rivets American Grill, and The Chicken Barn. Nearby schools include Orchard Elementary School, Savage Middle School, and James C. Enochs High School, and many others. Like Coffee-Sylvan, East Modesto is 11 minutes from downtown.


Northeast Modesto

Just north of East Modesto is the Northeast Modesto neighborhood with a population of 50,000. Here, the median income is $61,000, so a bit higher than the other areas, and the median home value for its beautiful one and two-story houses is $288,000.

Since it’s so close to East Modesto, residents visit the same restaurants and parks. This neighborhood includes Ustach Park, which has a bike loop, basketball courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

The closest schools are Rose Avenue Elementary School, Ustach Middle School, James C. Enochs High School. Of course, there are many others in the area and the district will help place your children. Northeast Modesto is 14 minutes away from downtown.


Northwest Modesto

Another comfortable neighborhood 10 minutes from downtown is Northwest Modesto. The residential streets here resemble those in the other areas we mentioned. You’ll find modern homes, peaceful, tree-lined streets, and well-kept lawns. It’s home to 45,000 people. The median income in Northwest Modesto is $55,600 and the median home value is $254,000.

You and your family can go play at Eisenhut Park, which has a playground and two baseball fields. You can also go shopping or grab a bite at a restaurant along nearby Standiford Avenue and Tully Road.

The closest schools are Standiford Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior High School, and Valley Charter High School.



This neighborhood is located, no surprise, by the Modesto City-County Airport, so you can expect to see and hear airplanes taking off sometimes. The residential areas, home to 6,400 people, have a comfortable suburban feel with lots of trees and gated yards. The median home price here is $250,000, and the median income is $44,000.

It’s appropriate that one of the local schools is Orville Wright Elementary School. You’ll also find Modesto High School in the area, and lots of other schools nearby. 

Enjoy the outdoors, go for a walk, or take your dog to play at Mancini Park, or gather your golf clubs and play at River Oaks Golf Course. Also, Airport is just six minutes from downtown.

If you’re planning to move to the area, Derrel’s Mini Storage is happy to make your move here easier with our self storage options. Store your business inventory, sports gear, off-season wardrobe, and more with us. 

We provide RV and boat storage as well, so whether you like camping in Yosemite or traveling to campsites around the country, you can keep your home away from home safe with us.

Jon Fesmire
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