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Top 5 Neighborhoods in Visalia, CA

Jon Fesmire | March 24, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Visalia is a city of 141,500 in the San Joaquin Valley, south of Fresno and near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, home to the major national parks Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. The highest point in the city is Mount Whitney, which reaches a height of 14,505 feet. There are around 10,000 earthquakes a year here, but don’t worry, most are tiny and you won’t notice them. That’s just part of life near the San Andreas Fault.

Overall, this is a lovely place to live. Summers get into the 90s, and winters down to the high 30s.

If you’d like to live here, let us share these five neighborhoods you should look into.


Oakwest / Country Akers

This is a lovely suburban neighborhood with pine-lined roads. You’ll find homes with three bedrooms and higher, and some mobile homes. Many of the single-family houses have attractive stone facades. The apartment complexes are well-maintained and grassy. If you’re looking to buy, the median home price is $492,000, and if you plan to rent, look at paying around $1,300 a month.

Most of the homes in this upper middle income area are owner occupied and vacancy is low. It can take a while to find a place to live here because of this. Here, 46% of the population works in executive and management jobs, followed by sales and service.

Local schools include Annie R Mitchell Elementary, Ridgeview Middle School, and Redwood High.



Rector is an upper middle income suburban neighborhood where the median home price is $408,500 and the average rent is $2,000. You’ll find small apartment buildings along with three to five-bedroom single-family homes. The vacancy rate is about 4%, so it may take a little while to find a home here. Most of the homes are owner occupied.

One lovely thing about Rector is that 73% of the real estate was built between 2000 and the present, so you can expect to find a well-designed, modern home. Similar homes line the roads for a very Main Street USA feel.

In Rector, 41% of those employed work in executive and management positions, while many others work in service jobs.

Nearby schools include Pinkham Elementary, Ridgeview Middle School, and Redwood High.



Ambler is another beautiful, upper middle income neighborhood full of small apartment buildings and three to five-bedroom family homes. The houses were built between 1970 and the present, with 73% being new construction built from 2000 on.

The median home price in this suburban neighborhood is $408,500, while the average rent is from 1970 to present, most from 2000 on, 73%. With a vacancy rate of 4.0%, it may take some time to find a place to live here. You’ll find a mixture of large single-story and two-story houses here.

In Ambler, 41% of the residents work in executive and professional positions, with many also working in service jobs.

Nearby schools include Pinkham Elementary, Divisadero Middle School, and Sequoia High.


Green Acres

One thing you’ll notice about Green Acres is that there’s a correctional facility in the neighborhood. However, don’t let that dissuade you. This is still a lovely place to live with low crime.

In this upper middle income area, the median home price is $477,000 and the average rent is $1,600. You’ll find places ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom homes, including single-family homes and high-rise apartments. The residents are an even mix of owners and renters.

The neighborhood has an 8.1% vacancy rate, so it should be easier to find a place here than elsewhere in the city. Nearly half the residents work in executive and management positions.

Nearby schools include Linwood Elementary, Ridgeview Middle School, and Redwood High.


Rayo / Redbanks

Looking for a rural neighborhood where you’re still a short drive away from downtown? Rayo / Redbanks in Visalia is a good choice.

This is an agricultural area with a large Mexican population. If you speak Spanish, or you’re learning, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak it here, as it’s the primary language in many homes.

In this lower-middle income area, the median income home price is $403,000 and the average rent: $1,460. In the area, you’ll find listings for studio apartments to four-bedroom houses and mobile homes built from 1940 to 2000. People here work primarily in manufacturing and labor positions. Driving around, you’ll see fields on every street growing cotton, citrus fruits, grapes, olives, and much more.

Most schools are just outside this large neighborhood, but your children will attend schools like Ivanhoe Elementary School, Valley Oak Middle School, and Golden West High.

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Jon Fesmire
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